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4x4 Challenge is Over for 2008

Hi All,

Well myself and Declan made it through the weekend with only one major mishap (details below) and in one piece!


We started off in Oranmore, Co. Galway, and over day one traversed Galway and Mayo across local tracks and lanes, only crossing major roads once in a while. We saw some beautiful scenery, dampened only by the constant rain, and it amazed us every time we came across a house on these roads, that someone still actually lives in these remote areas.

I already mentioned the driving rain, and that played a part in our mishap, there were four river crossings which started life as 12” deep puddles, ending up at 4” raging torrents by the latter part of the day. On the final river crossing we unfortunately broke our rear differential and ended up stranded in the middle of the river, which rose by almost 6” by the time we got out!

So stranded at the side of the road with one set of marshals, we set about trying to get ourselves back on the road for the rest of the event, it was a close call as to whether we’d get the AA to recover my Land Rover, and head for the backup vehicle (Declan’s) which was placed at a strategic location somewhere around Athlone.

We were able to remove all drive to the rear axle by removing both Half-Shafts and the prop-shaft which meant that we were able to continue along our journey. Fortunately we were able to cover all but the most challenging of tracks, only missing out on one of them.

Hi!Help!Wet, Down and Out!


Nice DayEars Wide Open!

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